Green Psychotherapy

Throughout my career, I have focused on ways to integrate the mind and body to enhance a client's emotional and mental health. As our emotions are felt within our physical self, it made sense to become more tuned to body knowledge for a more balanced model of health.

In 2012, I became an Amen Clinic Affiliate and was trained to use Dr. Amen's Brain Health Assessment. The results can lead to specific recommendations for diet, supplements, and exercise based on your brain type. In 2019, I finished a comprehensive certification program in Nutritional and Integrative Medicine by Dr. Leslie Korn.

In the past five years, I have attended numerous workshops offered by the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology including: 1) Emotional Freedom Technique, also called "Tapping," to quickly reduce the charge of negative emotions from your body and 2) Essential Skills Levels 1 and 2 covering advanced energy balancing techniques. This past year, I also became certified in "Psych-K", a whole brain balancing method focused on integrating a positive goal into a person's mind, body, and spirit.

This information can empower you to find alternative ways to support your mind/body health with fewer side effects, less expense, and in a shorter amount of time. I call this brand new approach "Green Psychotherapy."