Fees & Insurance

Fees for Service

  • First 15 Minute Phone Consultation: Free
  • Individual Sessions: $130.00
  • Couple Sessions: $130.00

*All sessions are one hour in length


You may have outpatient mental health benefits as part of your medical insurance that will pay a portion of your fees. However, this plan may require you to see specific providers and meet a deductible before your benefits will start.

By calling the customer service number on your insurance card, you can find out the answers to the following questions:

1.Do I have outpatient mental health benefits?

2.If so, can I go to any provider, or am I restricted to a list of providers?

3.Do I have a deductible to meet each year? If so, how much is the amount? And have I met any of this amount for this year?

4.Is there a limit to the number of sessions that will be allowed in a year?

I do require payment of services at each appointment. All credit cards are accepted. I will be happy to file your insurance for any reimbursement due to you.

Payment Options

Payment Options

Credit, Cash and Check

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