What did you think about your counseling experience?

If have been counseled by Jan Gallagher, please tell us about your experience. You can do so by filling out the form below or going to her Google+ Business page. We look forward to hearing what you think. Thank you!

Client Experiences

My experience with Jan was amazing from start to finish! I discovered her practice by searching for therapists who were savvy about the Gottman method as well as Imago concept for my boyfriend and I at the time. Additionally, I liked that she promoted herself as guiding clients to health and wellness from a natural approach. Once we met, Jan and I were an even better fit than I had hoped for. Her style is warm and friendly, attentive, honest, open, kind, and present. She seems to use the 80/20 rule of listening to me express and share, but then would guide me through more deeply understanding my experiences by teaching me about my behaviors, but from an objective, clinical perspective. Jan has a very natural way of helping me to be a witness to myself. Additionally, after a few months of traditional talk therapy she introduced eft and applied kinesiology as tandem modalities for my growth and healing. I was already slightly familiar with these philosophies and more than comfortable to utilize such tools. This is where the real expansion happened for me. I had 4 amazingly transformative breakthroughs in sessions with her that have positively shifted my entire being and will change my life forever! I am beyond grateful I discovered her work and would highly, unequivocally recommend and refer anyone who is looking for change and growth and healing to reach out to her and maximize the wonderful treatments Jan has to offer. Bless

Michael & Alexa P.

My husband and I have been meeting with Jan almost weekly since February. She did a great job of helping us get to the root of our communication and marital issues. I would highly recommend her to anyone in search of a counselor who is open-minded and unbiased.

Sarah C.