Relationship Counseling

Helping you overcome conflict & enhance communication

Relationship Counseling is Jan's most studied and practiced specialty. It is through the experience of human connection that we learn who we are, how to love and the challenge of loss.

A very important goal is to learn to be a better partner in our primary love relationship. Through Jan's solution-focused approach, the counseling she provides can give you enhanced communication skills and a conflict resolution model to help you talk out an issue to find a resolution.

Repair your Relationship

Whether you are interested in a single counseling session or repeat couple's counseling, Jan understands that you want to repair and strengthen your relationship with your partner and she can help you do just that. Most relationships end due to misunderstandings and the build up of anger and resentment. Jan can help you bring positivity, love and respect back into your relationship.

Defuse Negative Feelings

Disagreements between couples are quite common. Some couples disagree over personality traits or basic gender differences, while others suffer from deeper challenges such as depression, anxiety or substance abuse.

Jan Gallagher can help you understand these differences and work with you to overcome challenges, so you can better understand your partner and defuse those negative feelings. Jan has over 30 years of experience and is passionate about helping couples find happiness again. Whether you have been together for a few years or a lifetime, you deserve to find happiness again, and Jan is ready to help. Call today for a complimentary consultation.

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