New Brain Health Assessments Available

Does your brain need a tune-up? Is it foggy, slow, tired, or distracted? Have you thought about discussing your brain malfunction with your physician? Oh, but then you don't want to try those medicines that have side effects, so you just put it off. What if you could find natural alternatives to help your brain function better? You could think more clearly, with more energy, with more focus. You could have a more positive attitude and more motivation. When your brain works better, your quality of life could increase dramatically.

Dr. Daniel Amen, psychiatrist and author of "Change Your Brain, Change Your Body," recently developed a Brain Health Assessment to discover your particular brain type. He created this questionnaire based on the results of 80,000 SPECT brain scans which track brain flow and activity patterns. Since most of us do not have access to a brain scan, the Brain Health Assessment closely approximates these brain scan results. Once you know your specific brain type, recommendations can be offered that have proven effective based on the brain scans of persons with similar brain patterns. Best of all, Dr. Amen discovered many natural remedies to be superior to traditional medicines. From vitamins, herbs, and other supplements, to diet changes, and certain types of exercises, you can have a variety of options to optimize your brain health. With no side effects, lower cost, and research based recommendations, you can feel good about nurturing your brain and your body. Consider a brain health tune up to start your new year.

Jan Gallagher, LMHC, is an Amen Clinic Affiliate, and can provide Brain Health Assessments. Contact her at (904) 707-2669